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The JFK Runway 1020 is a massive $376 million project to renovate the longest, busiest runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. 

The 3-mile-long Runway 13R/31L, called the Bay Runway because it runs along the shore of Jamaica Bay, is one of the biggest commercial runways in the world and is long enough to be a designated emergency landing strip for the Space Shuttle. It is also one of the busiest runways, as it handles about 40 percent of JFK's annual take-offs.

Having become worn since its last major repair nearly two decades ago, the Bay Runway was closed on March 1st for a complete overhaul and some major improvements with a goal of reducing delays by up to 10,500 hours annually. The surface has been widened to 200 feet to better accommodate the new Airbus A380 superjumbo. Two new high-speed taxiways are being added to shave the time it takes for flights to move between the terminal and the runway, which will save passengers time and save airlines money.

Taxiway intersections are being pre-wired for the FAA's new Runway Status Lights system, which will act like traffic lights to help prevent dangerous runway incursions. And the asphalt surface is being replaced with 18-inch-thick concrete, expected to last 40 years without a major fix, versus the eight-year expected life of an asphalt runway.

C & G Equipment Leasing worked with Blackridge Construction on the JFK runway 1020 project Paving and Milling work. C & G supplied the services needed on this construction project like Dump Trucks, Container Service and more Construction Equipment needed for the project.